Low-Rise Community Recreational Facility

This design was created as my senior thesis project. I chose to design a Low-Rise Community Facility to combat the ever-growin problem with obesity and unhealthy practices that plague our country. My intent was to create spaces that could accomodate families, provide healthy activities for all age-groups that exercised the body and mind. I also designed seperate areas for Adults without children, a place where they can exercise and relax without having to deal with children splashing them in the pool.

On the site, I created a Fit-Rail instead of the more common running track to add another dimension into the fitness program that is available to members of the facility. This project was designed with LEED Certification in mind and featured many sustainable features including Radiant Flooring and Bioswales on the property to manage stormwater runoff.

The project and animation was designed in Revit, and I used Windows Movie Maker to add music.

This project and design are my intellectual property and cannot be copied or reused under any circumstance.

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