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Building Your Fitness Bootcamp During Winter
Fitness Bootcamp Business Training from Kaizen Outdoor Fitness

Discover how to earn a full-time income, working part-time hours.

These mini-courses reveal strategies for building a fun and profitable group personal training business.

Get more clients. Keep them for longer. Deliver real and lasting results.

This video training covers:

1. The biggest mistake outdoor PTs make during winter. How to avoid it and what to do instead.

2. The dark is a much bigger turn-off than the cold and wet. Here’s how to light up your bootcamps for under $1000 (and attract new clients like moths to a flame)

3. Training gear. Forget about expensive compression gear and waterproofs! Give your bootcamp members this checklist of the gear you really need to stay comfortable in the cold and wet. Standard issue for military and survival professionals : cheaper, way more effective and perfect for outdoor training during winter.

4. Your Fitness Program. Changes you must make to your programming for winter training. Why lower intensity workouts are better and how to increase engagement and attendance at your sessions.

5. Getting new clients. The 3 must-have joint venture partners in your area who will send you a steady flow of clients during winter.

Watch the full, 37-min video, download the slides AND receive personal coaching to help you implement as soon as you join

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