Bootcamp Fitness Games l Burpee Ball l Outdoor Fitness Games

Bootcamp Fitness Games l Burpee Ball l Outdoor Fitness Games

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Equipment Needed: Stability ball, 4 cones Instructions: 2 equal teams up to 8 players per team.

The more players, the more challenging this game is. Another variation on baseball but in a HARDCORE way. Flip a coin to determine who “bats” first. The defense (outfield) assigns a player at each base (but not home plate). The batting team lines up to the side near home plate. On the instructors “Go”, the first batter throws (or kicks if the instructor allows them to) the ball out as far as they can onto the playing field. The batter runs around the bases while his/her teammates do as many burpees as they can.

The defense must get the ball as quickly as possible and run to home plate. As soon as this happens the runner is out but points are still scored. The highest number of burpees done by ONE INDIVIDUAL is the score for that runner. The instructor watches form and keeps track of points.

A different fielder must touch home base each time so that EVERYONE on defense stays involved. Variations: You could count the ENTIRE number of burpees but that gets to be too complicated. You could silently single out one person doing burpees and choose their number as the score for the runner.

Play 3-5 minutes total.


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