The Truth About Wilderness “Survival”: No Better Than Fasting

The Wilderness Living Challenge will OFFICIALLY air OCTOBER 15, 2016. Join us! Two men living off the “fat of the land” in a battle NOT TO LOSE ANY BODY WEIGHT!

Is so called “survival” nothing more than fasting? Join the discussion.

We’re off! The exact rules for our challenge are to be determined, but we’re sure to test our skills. Wish us luck!

a) Features of a Successful Therapeutic Fast of 382 Days’ Duration [Study]


b) Into The Wild And Other Plant Fables. [Sam Thayer author of “The Forager’s Harvest”]


c) Living Off The Land: Delusions and Misconceptions About Hunting and Gathering [Ross Gilmore]


d) What I Ate for 57 days on Vancouver Island on the TV show Alone Survival Foods [Nicole Apelian Season 2 ALONE on History Channel]


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