Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider

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Video transcript: Take your workout outside with the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider. The Outdoor Fitness Strider is built out of heavy gauge steel with stainless security hardware to withstand outdoor environments.

The Stamina Outdoor Fitness Equipment is manufactured with paint designed to have excellent weather ability with chip and corrosion resistance plus UV protection for excellent color retention.

The Outdoor Fitness Strider provides a low impact cardiovascular workout you can do outside at your own home instead of going to the gym. The dual action handle bars allow you to work your upper and lower body to tone and strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts, chest, back, triceps, biceps and more. Or use the stationary handle for a lower body only workout.

The large textured slip resistance pedals offer a comfortable and secure surface for your workout.

In addition to the tough construction of the equipment it is also esthetically pleasing and will fit into any natural space with no need for electricity.

The Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider is easy to assemble, disassemble and requires little to no maintenance.

A special tool is included for the products unique security hardware to help you assemble and disassemble your product and will help you keep your outdoor equipment safe and secure in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor fitness training is an effective way to loose weight, burn calories and build strength.

Studies show people who workout outside tend to workout for a longer period of time.

Enjoy working out in your own backyard and get a great workout with the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Strider.

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