Popular Gardening Tips You Can Probably Ignore, Pt. 3

Today I share 4 more popular gardening tips that you can probably ignore.

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4 tips you can ignore:
0:33 – apply used coffee grounds to the soil of acid loving plants to make the soil more acidic
1:37 – backfill planting holes with compost when planting trees
2:55 – add sugar to the soil or water with sugar water for sweeter tomatoes
3:42 – don’t plant pumpkins and squash in the same garden because they will cross pollinate, resulting in “squmpkins”

1. “Coffee for Roses…and 70 Other Misleading Myths About Backyard Gardening” by C.L. Fornari http://amzn.to/2rtCe2f
2. The Myth of Soil Amendments: “When transplanting trees or shrubs into landscapes, amend the backfill soil with organic matter.” by Linda Chalker-Scott https://puyallup.wsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/403/2015/03/soil-amendments.pdf

Sources used by Dr. Chalker-Scott for this article: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GardenProfessors/permalink/10155734393261490/

3. “How Plants Work” by Linda Chalker-Scott http://amzn.to/2rzntLu

One Yard Revolution is all about growing a lot of food on a little land using sustainable organic methods, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum. Emphasis is placed on improving soil quality with compost and mulch. No store-bought fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, compost activators, etc. are used.

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