Outdoor sports photography on icefall by Ray Demski | Phase One

Watch Ray Demski in Avers, Switzerland, shooting his Ice Nights project.

“I had the idea a couple of months ago on a recent Himalaya trip with Alex Luger and Bernd Zangerl. We did some night shots with Bernd climbing a high wall with flashes and it was just amazing. So, the idea came to my head to do this with ice climbing.

Alex told us about this location right beside a bridge so we can work easily with the flashes and be really flexible.

I connected with Broncolor for some flash equipment and they provided us with the brand new Move 1200. We’re going to use three of those units to light up the ice fall, going studio style outdoors, so it should be amazing.

There is quite a few photographers shooting ice climbing but most images are shot with natural light and with minimal equipment but in this case I’m trying to bring it all together.

We got in touch with Phase One and they’ve sent the IQ180 with a 645DF, so We’re going to make some big pictures!”

“Captured with the amazing resolution of the IQ180 the combination of authentic ice climbing action with high quality lighting at night is something really special.

Due to the dangerous nature of ice climbing, we had limited time with the athletes on the icefall, so having everything preset was essential.

Rigging the lighting and my shooting positions around the icefall was like working in an amazing vertical studio. With all the complex electronics and batteries, cold always makes things more fun. With freezing temps and no other option on the wall some batteries ended up being thawed in the assistants pants!”

Photographer: Ray Demski

Video production: LM Media

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