5 Best Camping Gears You Must Have

Best Camping gears/gadgets/accessories/equipment You Must Have. From tents to stoves, we have it all covered in the video. All of them are my fav, what do you think? pls, let us know in the comment section below.

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Credits and links to products/projects-

0:07 Coolest Cooler-http://coolest.com/#order-here
2:45 Solo Stove-http://www.solostove.com/
4:58 Cinch-http://www.cinchpopuptents.com/
7:48 Glider-http://www.kammok.com/
10:25 Air Pad 2-http://goo.gl/bFLfGY
Audio credits:
Music used- Dub Zap by Silent Gunnar Olsen.
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